Higher Power of My Own Understanding - Final Word

By Robert Burney

In this series of articles that I started in January of this year, I have been focusing upon the concept of a "Higher Power of my own understanding" as I learned it in Alcoholics Anonymous. I shared some of the influences that have helped me in the evolution of my Spiritual Belief system, from Richard Bach and the Big Book of AA, to quantum physics and metaphysics. I stated that I believed that the twelve step recovery program is a program of empowerment and spirituality that saved my life - and helped me learn to find some Joy, Love, and peace in my life journey.

I had expected to continue to explore this subject for at least the rest of this year, but circumstances now dictate that I end this series of articles today. Suite 101 is going through some changes that dictate that it will no longer be practical for me to continue to write here, because the new requirements for writers will involve an investment of time that is - to me - nowhere near worth what they are willing to pay for that time.

Due to this development, I am going to summarize my Spiritual beliefs in this column.

I believe we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. I believe that there is a Loving Higher Power which is so powerful that everything happens for a reason in alignment with Divine Plan. That there are no accidents, coincidences, or mistakes - that everything is unfolding perfectly from a Cosmic Perspective.

I believe that the Spiritual evolutionary process for souls involves multiple lifetimes of experiencing being human - and that evolutionary process is governed by the Law of Karma.

"We have all lived multiple lifetimes. We have all experienced every facet of being human.

We are now not just healing our wounds from this lifetime, we are doing Karmic settlement on a massive scale, at a very accelerated rate.

Karma is the Loving, wonderful law of energy interaction which governs human interaction. Like the other levels of Universal Law, it is about cause and effect. In this case, "what you sow, you reap."

Karmic Law dictates that every action of cause on the Physical Plane is paid for with a consequence of effect on the Physical Plane. In other words, no one can end up in the hole, or in some hell in an afterlife. (Hell is here on earth, and we have all experienced it already.)"

Quote from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

I believe that planetary conditions of polarization (of the Energy Field of Collective Human Intellectual Consciousness / Lower Mind) and reversity (of the Energy Field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness) are what created the Human Condition as we inherited it.

"The human condition is a symptom! Human nature as we understand it is a symptom! The human condition is not a result of flaws in human nature. Both are effects.

The condition of Codependence - which, as I said could more accurately be described as outer or external dependence - is the human condition as we have inherited it!"

Quote from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

I believe that all human beings have inherent - and equal - worth in their Spiritual Essence. And that all human beings have dysfunctional behavior patterns due to the ways they were wounded by the human condition of codependency which was caused by those planetary conditions.

I also believe that due to a change in those planetary conditions, we have now entered a new Age of Healing & Joy (the Age of Aquarius - as I mentioned in the first column of this series A Higher Power of my own understanding) - and that we are now healing lifetimes of Karma and have begun a Transformational Healing process on the Planet Earth that is going to change the Human Condition.

"The planetary conditions that blocked humans from accessing Christ Consciousness - the vibrational Knowing of the Truth of ONENESS - were in place for tens of thousands of years. Conditions have now changed! We have entered a new time, an Age of Healing & Joy has dawned in Human Consciousness on the planet. All of the "old-souls" involved in healing in this time have the capacity to access the Truth of ONENESS and Love through their inner channel.

(The term "old-soul" refers to the stage of consciousness evolution an individual has attained by this lifetime - it does not mean better than, or farther along than, those who do not have to do the healing. There is no hierarchy in the Truth of a Loving Great Spirit - those who appear to have low, or no, consciousness in this lifetime are simply doing their healing in another space-time illusion parallel to this one. All old-souls are born at a heart-chakra level of consciousness and therefore have more sensitivity, and less capacity for denial, than other people. In other words, the gift of having access to Truth and Love carries with it the price of greatly increased emotional sensitivity.)

Due to the planetary conditions, the human ego developed a belief in separation - which is what made violence possible and caused the human condition as we inherited it. The reflection of that human condition on the individual level is the disease of Codependence. Codependence is caused by the ego being traumatized and programed in early childhood so that our relationship with ourselves and the God-Force is dysfunctional - that is, it does not work to help us access the Truth of ONENESS and Love. It is through healing our relationship with ourselves that we open our inner channel and start tuning into the Truth."

Jesus & Christ Consciousness

As I say in my book, and shared about in an earlier article in this series about quantum physics, everybody and everything we experience is the result of energy interactions within the ONE energy of ALL THAT IS. I believe that this human experience we are having is an illusion that only exists on the lower vibrational frequencies of the Illusion created in the imagination of the God Force / Goddess Energy / Great Spirit, that it is possible to be separate from the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS. It is that illusion of separation that has caused the pain in the human experience - and led to the development of the condition of codependency.

I am going to end this article - my last here on Suite101 after close to 6 years writing here - with a quote from the very end of my book. I invite you all to visit my web site Abundant Spirituality + codependency recovery + inner child healing + Love = Joy2MeU where I freely share over 250 pages of content relating to the topics I have been writing about here in the years since my first Suite 101 column in March 1999. I have enjoyed my association with Suite 101 and am sad to see it end - but as I stated, I believe that everything is unfolding perfectly.

"The Universal Creative Force, as I understand it, is the energy field of ALL THAT IS vibrating at the frequency of Absolute Harmony. That vibrational frequency I call LOVE. (LOVE is the vibrational frequency of God; Love is an energy vibration within The Illusion which we can access; love is, in our Codependent culture, most often an addiction or an excuse for dysfunctional behavior.)

LOVE is the energy frequency of Absolute Harmony because it is the vibrational frequency where there is no separation.

Energy moves in wave-like patterns; what enables movement is the separation between the valley of the wave and its peak. The distance from peak to peak is called it's wavelength. It is a law of physics that as vibrational frequency rises, as it gets higher, the wavelength gets shorter.

The frequency of LOVE is the vibrational frequency where wavelength disappears, where separation disappears.

It is a place of absolute Peace, motionless, timeless, completely at rest: The Eternal Now.

The Peace and Bliss of The Eternal Now is the True Absolute Reality of the God-Force.

The illusion of separation - the distance, the separation, between the peak and the valley - is what makes motion possible. Separation is necessary for energy to be in motion. The illusion of separation was necessary to create The Illusion.

As part of the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS, we are God and God is LOVE. We are part of the Truth of ONENESS vibrating at LOVE. As part of the ONENESS of LOVE we would never have been able to experience Love. It is kind of like, "If you are sugar then you never get to taste sugar."

In God we are LOVE. Without the illusion of separation we would never have had the opportunity to experience Love. Would never have been able to Love and be Loved.

Separation was necessary to allow us the incredible gift of experiencing Love, of Loving and being Loved.

The Illusion that caused all of the pain is also the vehicle for allowing us to feel and be Loved.

If you pursue your path of healing, I think that you will find as I have that it is very much worth it. It is worth it to be able to experience Love.

This is the Age of Healing and Joy. It is time to start remembering who you Truly are, to start feeling and tuning into the Truth which exists within you.

We are all butterflies. We are all swans. We are Spiritual Beings.

The Springtime of the Spirit has arrived: It is possible to learn to Love yourself.

It is possible to be happy, Joyous, and free - if you are willing to be scared and hurt, angry and sad.

You are Lovable. You are Loved. You are LOVE."

Quote from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls