A Cosmic Perspective - the Kinder, Gentler Way

"Codependence causes us to have a distorted and repressed emotional process, and the only way out is through the feelings. Codependence gives us a scrambled mind, a reversed dysfunctional way of looking at ourselves and the world, and we have to be able to use the wonderful tool that is our mind while changing our attitudes and reprogramming our thinking.

It seems awfully complicated, doesn't it?

That is because it is!

On another level it is also very simple. It is a Spiritual Dis-ease. It can only be healed through a Spiritual Cure. It cannot be healed by only looking at the symptoms. That is backwards.

The cure is available through surrendering control to a Higher Power. We cannot do this healing by ourselves. We need a Loving Higher Power in our lives. We need other Recovering people in our lives."

"Everything is unfolding perfectly from a Cosmic Perspective! There are no accidents, no coincidences, no mistakes! You are perfectly where you are supposed to be on your Path. You always have been and always will be!

The God-Force is powerful enough to get us to where we are supposed to be with or without our help! We do not have the power to screw up the Great Spirits plan.

What we do have is the option of making it easier on ourselves. The goal in Recovery is not to become perfect. The goal is to make life an easier, more enjoyable experience.

The way I think of it is that my Higher Power works with the carrot and stick approach: like a mule driver trying to get a mule moving, he can either dangle a carrot in front of the mule and get the mule moving after the carrot, or he can take a stick and beat him until he gets moving.

It is a lot easier on me to follow the carrots that my Higher Power dangles in front of me than to force the Universe to use a stick to get me moving. Either way I am going to get to where the Universe wants me - but the carrot method is a lot easier on me.

The more that I do my healing, the clearer I get on receiving the messages - the more I get to follow the carrots instead of experiencing the stick. The dance of Recovery is a process of starting to Love ourselves enough to start changing life into an easier, more enjoyable experience."

"So what I am saying is not that you are doing something wrong if you are not happy with your life. I am saying, "Hey, this is the reason that doing life the way we were taught doesn't work - it is not our fault!" I am saying, "Hey, there are answers, there is hope. We have new tools now - and they work! Isn't that great news?"

This healing process works. It works miraculously because in aligning with Truth we come into harmony with the universal laws of energy interaction. We learn to go with the natural healthy flow instead of being at war with it. We learn to Love and accept ourselves instead of being at war within."

"Part of the reason for being here was to experience being human. We have all lived multiple lifetimes. We have all experienced every facet of being human. We are now, not just healing our wounds from this lifetime, we are doing Karmic settlement - on a massive scale, at a very accelerated rate."

"Karma is the Loving, wonderful law of energy interaction which governs human interaction. Like the other levels of Universal Law, it is about cause and effect. In this case, "what you sow, you reap. Karmic Law dictates that every action of cause on the Physical Plane is paid for with a consequence of effect on the Physical Plane. In other words, no one can end up in the hole, or in some hell in an afterlife. (Hell is here on earth, and we have all experienced it already.)"

"This is not home. This is also not a prison. This is boarding school and we are getting ready for graduation. And it is all a perfect part of the Divine Script.

We are here to experience this human evolutionary process. The more we awaken to the Truth of who we are (Spiritual beings) and why we are here (to experience being human), and stop giving power to the false gods of money, property and prestige; people, places and things; the more we can celebrate being here!

Buddha had it half right: We need to let go of our attachment to the illusions of this Illusion. But as we stop giving power to the illusions, we can begin to celebrate being here, we can begin to enjoy our human experience.

This is a playground, this is a wonderful summer camp. It is full of beautiful colors and wondrous sights, animals and birds and plants, mountains and oceans and meadows, whales and butterflies. It is full of tastes and smells and sounds and sensations."

"A "state of Grace" is the condition of being Loved unconditionally by our Creator without having to earn that Love. We are Loved unconditionally by the Great Spirit. What we need to do is to learn to accept that state of Grace. The way we do that is to change the attitudes and beliefs within us that tell us that we are not Lovable."

These are some excerpts from Codependence:The Dance of Wounded Souls on Spirituality.

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